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MAMO Music and Dance Collective (since 2013)

Interdisciplinary Music-Dance-Theater-Installation

Motoko Honda - Music/Noise/Movement

Maureen Whiting - Dance/Voice/Noise


MAMO Music Dance Collective is a deeply personal, emotional, and often humorous, research-performance based duo developed in 2013.  We are committed to investigate and explore a multitude of processing with open minds to create uniquely inter-disciplined collaborative works reflecting our lives as creative females and human beings.   

"Awkward Spiders" 2013 

Our first collaborative project

"Bear Writes an Equation" 2014 Conceptualized and directed by Maureen Whiting

Our 2nd project: Installation-Performance

"Kodama" 2015 Conceptualized and directed by Motoko Honda

For Art in the Nature Festival, Redwoods, CA.

"Burden of Joy" 2017 (work in progress) Conceptualized and directed by Maureen Whiting 

@ Maureen Whiting Dance Company SafeHouse Residency, S.F. CA.

And more.... info. coming soon

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