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Motoko Honda and Jesse Gilbert with Spectral GL (since 2002)

Interdisciplinary Art, Installation, Electronics, Research, Improvisation

SpectralGL is an interactive visual instrument created by Jesse Gilbert, that employs an interactive software system to generate real-time 3D animation in response to live or recorded sound.  Employing a number of computational analytical tools, including Fourier analysis and oscilloscope-style waveform deformation, SpectralGL reveals the deep structure of sound in a visual language that is both intuitively and aesthetically linked to our emotional experience of music.  SpectralGL’s interface gives the performer the means to generate highly dynamic 3D scenes that place the observer in a visual relationship that both enhances and reflects on the process of listening.  In addition, SpectralGL’s ability to overlay digital media onto its 3D surface expands upon traditional notions of presentation of the moving image, and of the relationship between sound and image.

Jesse Gilbert:

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