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Motoko Honda on toy piano, synths, keyboards, analogue synthesizers, guitar pedals, circuit bent toys and other electronic devices.

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"Motoko Honda is a grace textured audio alchemist capable of creating intense swarms. Composing spontaneous beauty of a fractal-faced nature unfolded though her delicate brilliant being. More qualified than most concert pianists and more accomplished than most composers, Motoko has chops enough to heal the idea of an uneducated Avant Garde. An educator, classically trained pianist, composer and visual artist Motoko is a pure muse of her own genre. dublab collective was thrilled to host Motoko for a live “sprout session.” A trance inducing flutter of staggering elegance is what resulted."


Let’s Work Together

I'm very open to collaborate, play, record and compose music for special events, films, theater works, dance, interdisciplinary projects, chamber and orchestra music and more..

Feel free to email me:

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