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Simple Excesses Quartet 2024 Promo Photo

Motoko Honda's Simple Excesses Quartet


Motoko Honda-piano/composition

Cory Wright-woodwinds

Matt Small-bass

Jordan Glenn-drums

Featuring the Northern California's most versatile and innovative players, Simple Excesses Quartet's exciting repertoires are sets of compositions which unifies the classical chamber music, jazz, free jazz and experimental music. 

Intricate and dynamic and often surprising, quartet brings the music which are like a flight in the clouds for both performers and audiences. 

Concert Review

"The music of pianist and composer Motoko Honda is to mainstream jazz what Brahm's music was to the neatly packaged forms of the Classical period.  

..Honda's ability to blur the boundary between composer and musician is an element of jazz that has been with the music since its inception.  What is strikingly uncommon is the complexity of the roadmap that unfolds when the players engage with her music.

Honda's process has a transformative effect on listeners privy to a complex system of inter-communication and cooperative building strategies. "
-Phillip Greenlief, Art Forum

Let’s Work Together

I'm very open to collaborate, play, record and compose music for special events, films, theater works, dance, interdisciplinary projects, chamber and orchestra music and more..

Feel free to email me:

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